Human Study UK believes in a world in which people are supported to rebuild their lives after war. We believe civilians injured by war and its weapons should not have their lives destroyed because they cannot get the prosthetic and orthotic devices and care they need to lead active lives.

We work in partnership with local clinics in areas of current or recent conflict to ensure that staff get the education and training they need to support those injured by war.

When governments talk about ‘rebuilding’ they mean rebuilding places. When we talk about rebuilding, we mean people’s lives. We give people who have been injured by landmines and other weapons, the chance to walk again, to work again, and to live again.

“There is no point saving a life, if you can’t give that person their life back, Human Study gives people their lives back.” 

Giles Duley – CEO of the Legacy of War Foundation, triple amputee, and supporter of Human Study UK